The good life

I’m back on track thanks to cranking up the middle-class on my ass. Last week I made celeriac remoulade, then I only went and ate it didn’t I? And it was bloody nice too. Then I did this! 


I picked plums off a fucking tree in my garden and I made chutney! Like a pure forager or something! Very nice. Nobody else in the house will eat it though so I’ll need to start giving it away to peeps in the street or my teeth will rot. 

Ooh, and I finally cooked seitan too. It was ok, not as nice as tofu though. 

Seitan fajitas

Now that I’ve decided it’s ok to eat meat now and again if I want and if it’s ethical I don’t really want to anymore. Bloody brain. We were out at Jamie’s Italian at the weekend and seeing as he’s so bloody ethical (they don’t even sell proper Coke as it’s “against Jamie’s ethos” aargh) I tried a bit of Mark’s pork schnitzel. It was rank. Shite, I’m proper veggie! 


Getting harderĀ 

I’m not feeling much enthusiasm for this whole veggie thing just now. Maybe it was my first brush with veggie bacon (ew), maybe it’s my time of the month, or maybe it’s the fact I cheated by having the lamb main in a posh restaurant for my husband’s birthday. Whatever it is, I’m no longer convinced I’ll be able to keep this up, despite no more slip-ups since then. 

Smoked tofu salad

I’ve also run out of inspiration on the cooking front, the last few things I’ve made have been a bit rubbish. Who eats tofu in a salad?!? I don’t want to be that person. 

One option I’ve considered is to allow myself one cheat a month. That way my dreams of posh burgers and currywurst wouldn’t hurt as much, and I could still be smug 97% of the time. I think I might try this, but it might just end up with me losing motivation and cheating more and more… 

Or maybe I should just read the Deliciously Ella book I bought rather than letting it sit there gathering dust. 

Post-humous events

In what is possibly the most middle-class predicament I’ve ever found myself in, sainsburys have stopped selling taramasalata. It seems to be to make room for about 20 types of houmous and pointless shite like fava bean dip. How can I live without my favourite protein source? 

Duck! Egg

Today I finally got round to visiting Cafe Strange Brew in Shawlands. It’s a great as everyone says, and cheaper than Tapa (mind you, so are most places). My other half wanted to go to the hot dog place across the road, but I couldn’t bear sitting across from him with a pretend dog while he ate one of my favourite pre-veggie snacks. Anyway, the pic above shows my brunch of a flatbread topped with houmous and fried aubergine with a duck egg and pomegranate seeds. All in all pretty tasty! I’ll defo be back. 

Getting enough protein is becoming easier now that I have peanut butter on toast for breakfast pretty much every day. I haven’t cooked any of the Wholefoods stuff yet, not sure whether to use it like meat or do something different with it yet… 

A little death

Some people say that you shouldn’t eat anything you couldn’t kill yourself. I dont necessarily subscribe to that view, but it’s part of my justification for eating fish (if I need any). I’ve caught a fish, killed it and ate it. It was about 28 years ago and it was a titchy wee trout, but still. 

If you extend this logic to its natural conclusion, this means I can also eat spiders, flies, midges and the occasional wasp. Let’s see how fed up I get with tofu before we go down that route though. 

I think my digestive system is starting to realise something is going on and it’s not happy. A hearty bowl of muesli for breakfast today will hopefully counteract the effects of my gut downing its tools. Tonight’s dinner is another M&S fishfest but I’m planning to do some proper cooking tomorrow…watch this space !