This is an outage

Being veggie kinda sucks in many ways. I was thinking I might bin it, but my conscience seems to have developed to the point where I can’t now. What have I done?

I mean, it’s great eating lots of veg and making cool meals when you have the time, don’t get me wrong. It’s also saved me lots of money and after 3 months I feel good about the fact I’ve saved a few animal suffering episodes. But I’m piling on the weight and I’m getting really fed up with cheese. Was so looking forward to having a veggie sausage roll in the local soft play only to be told they’re not available and supposed to be off the menu. So cheese toastie it is then… 😦

Is fine when you go to hipster indie joints or artisan coffee haunts, they have veg options a-plenty. But the local places have bugger all. I used to think the nearby breakfast van was amazing, now the only thing I can get is a roll and potato scone (with our without cheese). The last time I went they forgot the bloody scone, don’t think I’ve ever been so gutted.

In an attempt to stop eating shite when I get home late, I bought a bunch of frozen vegan meals from The above is their version of macaroni cheese, it uses cashew cream instead of dairy. It was… OK. Defo not going to solve my weight problem any time soon, that’s for sure. 


The colour purple 

Today’s edition of Seitan Calls comes to you from the colour purple. This veggie cooking lark is a doddle! Even when I’m not really trying I manage to make nice stuff, it’s a bit like when I started playing the uke and I could write half-decent tunes as I wasn’t used to the key. 

Puy: you

This looks pretty horrible on the plate but was super tasty (honest). Just boiled Puy lentils in veg buillion and mixed up chopped red onion and aubergine with some garam masala, lime pickle and a bit of oil then roasted in the oven for 20 min. Doddle! 

Putting on the beef

I’m not half piling the weight on since this veggie venture. I’m hungry all the time! Been eating lots of bread and crisps and thought it would be ok as I’m not having animal fats anymore. Turns out it’s not 😦


This creation from the other night didn’t help, but it was tasty! Ravioli with toasted walnuts, broad beans and anchovies – mega yum. Now to find ways to combine yum without getting a huge bum… 

Pizza: the action

I’m in a weird situation just now where I’m no longer quite as excited about being veggie and more like, so what can I eat? I went to the massive Sainsbury’s up the road from us, assuming they’d have a veggie section I’d previously never noticed. Instead they have half an aisle of horrible looking gluten-free dust, while non meat protein is relegated to a shelf of tofu under the tinned tomatoes and a fridge cabinet full of quorn. 

I’m still going though, no meat for 2 whole weeks! And I actually think I might never go back, which is a bit scary. 

Sweetcorn is evil

So this is today’s half-assed pescatarianism. A veg pizza with the sweetcorn painstakingly removed kernel by kernel, then capers, olives and anchovies added. Delish! But seriously guys, please stop adding sweetcorn to pizzas. We’re not children. 

Havin it Largs 

It’s been a weekend full of the bad (good) stuff… Loads of pints, seeing friends and eating shite. Still haven’t wavered though, I remain meat free! 

This despite the temptations of Kurdish Fast Food, I visited on Saturday and got a falafel which, while delicious, wasn’t quite as amazing as their mashi kebab. It was less than half the price though, a steal at £3! 

Just falafs

Today I continued my love of fried broccoli by making broccoli and mushrooms on toast with caraway seeds and fried egg for lunch. Awesome, cheap and healthy (ish). The same couldn’t be said for the rest of today’s eating, we went to Largs and it’s the law that you have to indulge in an ice cream from Nardini’s and an overpriced fish supper. Had a great day out, I love Largs and the kids had a great time trying to sink the Waverley and getting attacked by seagulls. 

Veg! On toast! With egg.

I stocked up on veggie goodness yesterday in Sainsburys, so no takeaways allowed next week. I have to admit they’re not as enticing without all the meat, in fact the food van nearby doesn’t have any veg options – the closest thing I could find was tuna salad. Anybody know where you can actually buy seitan? I came away with tofu and pulses and not much else, I thought they’d have a previously ignored bit full of veggie stuff, but no joy, just hunners of gluten free abominations. 

Week as I am

I’ve now gone a whole week without eating any meat! Yay! I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would either, though felt a few pangs of regret today reading about the mince on toast scandal (I pure want to try this).

As well as saving the planet and our furry friends, I’d been hoping a veggie diet might save me some money and help me lose weight too. Today I proved I can be just as self-defeating as I was as a carnivore, as I spent nearly £20 on junk food and Coke at the cinema. But Baby Driver was awesome, so who cares?

Fresh from the chippy

  • Breakfast – Chickpea and feta sausage roll from Tapa
  • Lunch – err, cinema nachos
  • Dinner – fish supper and a picked egg

The veggie sausage roll thing I had for brekkie was super tasty and something I’d prob never have tried were I not avoiding the deid pig meat (or whatever it is they make sausages out of). Shame they only sell them in poncey coffee shops, the cinema had very little in the way of veggie treats. 

Roll with the changes

I need to actually cook some food again soon though! Tomorrow, I promise… 

Today was the greatest…

Tuesdays are not my favourite day of the week. A Tuesday after the Monday after a fortnight’s holiday is even worse, and when you throw in a first pescavegiquarian Tuesday things just get messy.

I work full time and have 2 young kids (3 and 5, both mental) so I’m not exactly blessed with loads of time to mess about with veg in the kitchen. I know my default get-home-at-half-6-get-takeaway-feel-terrible behaviours, so I planned ahead and bought some ready meals for these occasions. Today’s was M&S Smoked Haddock Florentine. It was pretty tasty, though the sauce stayed lava-hot for at least 10 min after it came out of the oven.

Smoked haddock florentine

Note the lack of resemblance to the picture on the packet…

Lunch was a bit less healthy(?), consisting of my first Pot Noodle since the 90s. My god, it was sooooo good…I forgot how amazing those wee sachets of soy sauce were. So much salt! Magic.

  • Breakfast – Pitta bread and 2-days-out-of-date houmous
  • Snacks – 1 packet of salt’n’vinegar baked crisps (horrible) and 1 packet of Mega Monster Munch (bliss)
  • Lunch – 1 Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle (YES)
  • Dinner – 1 M&S Smoked Haddock Florentine and half a packet of past-its-date cherry quinoa salad thing

One nice side effect of this diet has been less worrying about germs…I’m not as fussed about use by dates anymore (what harm can a fusty chickpea really do?) and chopping boards can be merrily reused without having to worry about chicken juice or lamb droppings. I may well end up in A&E now with food poisoning, watch this space!