Havin it Largs 

It’s been a weekend full of the bad (good) stuff… Loads of pints, seeing friends and eating shite. Still haven’t wavered though, I remain meat free! 

This despite the temptations of Kurdish Fast Food, I visited on Saturday and got a falafel which, while delicious, wasn’t quite as amazing as their mashi kebab. It was less than half the price though, a steal at £3! 

Just falafs

Today I continued my love of fried broccoli by making broccoli and mushrooms on toast with caraway seeds and fried egg for lunch. Awesome, cheap and healthy (ish). The same couldn’t be said for the rest of today’s eating, we went to Largs and it’s the law that you have to indulge in an ice cream from Nardini’s and an overpriced fish supper. Had a great day out, I love Largs and the kids had a great time trying to sink the Waverley and getting attacked by seagulls. 

Veg! On toast! With egg.

I stocked up on veggie goodness yesterday in Sainsburys, so no takeaways allowed next week. I have to admit they’re not as enticing without all the meat, in fact the food van nearby doesn’t have any veg options – the closest thing I could find was tuna salad. Anybody know where you can actually buy seitan? I came away with tofu and pulses and not much else, I thought they’d have a previously ignored bit full of veggie stuff, but no joy, just hunners of gluten free abominations. 


Cooking with gas

Life is like a box of chocolates. Mostly ok but full of guilt and there are loads of orange-flavoured things that nobody likes (apart from your mum, but we all know she only pretends to like them as she craves the attention STOP IT MUM WE CAN ALL SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING). 

Anyway, I’ve delivered on my promise from yesterday and done some actual cooking. Not only that, but I made up a recipe! Kind of. 

I was planning to make a veg omelette for lunch but then – shock horror – there were no eggs left! This was a total bummer as stupid random food I had wouldn’t really work in anything else… Or so I thought. I had a rare occasion to thank “past me” when I found a packet of bulgar wheat pulse stuff in the cupboard and here’s what I turned it into… 

Keep em quinoa


  • 1 packet of M&S bulgur wheat, spelt and haricot beans
  • Broccoli, chopped up into spears
  • 1 leek, sliced 
  • Half a packet of raw spinach
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 shakes fish sauce
  • 1 tbsp oil


  • Turn the heat up high and fry the leeks till they go a bit black. This is dead tasty but if you don’t fancy it you can just fry them normally if you like. Add the broccoli a bit later and fry that for about 4 min until it’s not crunchy anymore but not burnt either (burnt broccoli sucks). 
  • Cook the bulgar in the microwave while you line a bowl with the spinach. Then when you pour the bulgar wheat over the spinach it wilts a bit and tastes awesome. 
  • Pour the sesame oil and fish sauce over the veg in the pan and give it a good mix around. You could add chilli or garlic or something here if you could be arsed
  • Mix the veg with the ingredients in the bowl, shake over your soy sauce and that’s you done! 

I’ve never written a recipe out before, that was weird. Let me know if anyone cooks it how you get on! I thought it was pretty damn tasty but I was starving so might not be the best judge. 

Week as I am

I’ve now gone a whole week without eating any meat! Yay! I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would either, though felt a few pangs of regret today reading about the mince on toast scandal (I pure want to try this).

As well as saving the planet and our furry friends, I’d been hoping a veggie diet might save me some money and help me lose weight too. Today I proved I can be just as self-defeating as I was as a carnivore, as I spent nearly £20 on junk food and Coke at the cinema. But Baby Driver was awesome, so who cares?

Fresh from the chippy

  • Breakfast – Chickpea and feta sausage roll from Tapa
  • Lunch – err, cinema nachos
  • Dinner – fish supper and a picked egg

The veggie sausage roll thing I had for brekkie was super tasty and something I’d prob never have tried were I not avoiding the deid pig meat (or whatever it is they make sausages out of). Shame they only sell them in poncey coffee shops, the cinema had very little in the way of veggie treats. 

Roll with the changes

I need to actually cook some food again soon though! Tomorrow, I promise… 

A little death

Some people say that you shouldn’t eat anything you couldn’t kill yourself. I dont necessarily subscribe to that view, but it’s part of my justification for eating fish (if I need any). I’ve caught a fish, killed it and ate it. It was about 28 years ago and it was a titchy wee trout, but still. 

If you extend this logic to its natural conclusion, this means I can also eat spiders, flies, midges and the occasional wasp. Let’s see how fed up I get with tofu before we go down that route though. 

I think my digestive system is starting to realise something is going on and it’s not happy. A hearty bowl of muesli for breakfast today will hopefully counteract the effects of my gut downing its tools. Tonight’s dinner is another M&S fishfest but I’m planning to do some proper cooking tomorrow…watch this space !

Today was the greatest…

Tuesdays are not my favourite day of the week. A Tuesday after the Monday after a fortnight’s holiday is even worse, and when you throw in a first pescavegiquarian Tuesday things just get messy.

I work full time and have 2 young kids (3 and 5, both mental) so I’m not exactly blessed with loads of time to mess about with veg in the kitchen. I know my default get-home-at-half-6-get-takeaway-feel-terrible behaviours, so I planned ahead and bought some ready meals for these occasions. Today’s was M&S Smoked Haddock Florentine. It was pretty tasty, though the sauce stayed lava-hot for at least 10 min after it came out of the oven.

Smoked haddock florentine

Note the lack of resemblance to the picture on the packet…

Lunch was a bit less healthy(?), consisting of my first Pot Noodle since the 90s. My god, it was sooooo good…I forgot how amazing those wee sachets of soy sauce were. So much salt! Magic.

  • Breakfast – Pitta bread and 2-days-out-of-date houmous
  • Snacks – 1 packet of salt’n’vinegar baked crisps (horrible) and 1 packet of Mega Monster Munch (bliss)
  • Lunch – 1 Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle (YES)
  • Dinner – 1 M&S Smoked Haddock Florentine and half a packet of past-its-date cherry quinoa salad thing

One nice side effect of this diet has been less worrying about germs…I’m not as fussed about use by dates anymore (what harm can a fusty chickpea really do?) and chopping boards can be merrily reused without having to worry about chicken juice or lamb droppings. I may well end up in A&E now with food poisoning, watch this space!

The devil is in the detail

So this is it – I’ve given in to seitan. I decided last Thursday that I would become a vegetarian! This is quite a big deal for me but I put it on Facebook and got 50 likes and a whole truckload of comments so now I have to do it.


Comments ranged from “Da’fuq? You’re a carnivore 🍗🍖🥓🍔🌭” to “Mon the Quorn”. I’m known to be a but of a meat eater but truth be told, I’ve not really enjoyed it for a while. I knew all about the horrible shit that goes on in the meat industry before, but for some reason this article in the Independent really hit home. But plenty of time for that stuff later. This isn’t going to be a polemic blog full of preachy-preachy or self-righteousness. It’ll be an honest document of how I get on, if nobody reads it that’s fine but it’ll hopefully serve me as a motivational tool if nothing else.

Did I mention I really love steak? 😦


Now for the first confession – I’ve not been a pure veggie, more of a pescatarian, or what the Australians call a vegequarian – an infinitely more cool-sounding term for what many people might consider a cop-out. I’m cool with that, as I don’t want to set myself up for failure right away, and I *really* love fish suppers.

I had nowt but veggies to eat all day today though, first time I managed that since I started 🙂


My mexy veggie loveliness

  • Breakfast – posh bread from M&S with butter
  • Snack – Guinness and chilli crisps
  • Lunch – Falafel wrap and baba ganoush from Mr Falafel
  • Dinner – home-made thing, brazil nuts fried with broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms and spring onion, chilli and garlic, in a wrap with avocado
  • Later snack – some pitta bread and taramasalata that was going off today so I had to, don’t judge me

I’m going to assume that taramasalata is OK  and doesn’t count as fish. I can’t do without taramasalata or houmous, I blame the double dip recession.