Week as I am

I’ve now gone a whole week without eating any meat! Yay! I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would either, though felt a few pangs of regret today reading about the mince on toast scandal (I pure want to try this).

As well as saving the planet and our furry friends, I’d been hoping a veggie diet might save me some money and help me lose weight too. Today I proved I can be just as self-defeating as I was as a carnivore, as I spent nearly £20 on junk food and Coke at the cinema. But Baby Driver was awesome, so who cares?

Fresh from the chippy

  • Breakfast – Chickpea and feta sausage roll from Tapa
  • Lunch – err, cinema nachos
  • Dinner – fish supper and a picked egg

The veggie sausage roll thing I had for brekkie was super tasty and something I’d prob never have tried were I not avoiding the deid pig meat (or whatever it is they make sausages out of). Shame they only sell them in poncey coffee shops, the cinema had very little in the way of veggie treats. 

Roll with the changes

I need to actually cook some food again soon though! Tomorrow, I promise…