Hole feuds

Despite being huge and fairly middle class and expensive, our Sainsburys is shite for veggie food. It’s got a couple of Linda McCartney efforts, the usual Quorn bits and bobs and some silken tofu, but that’s it. To broaden my horizons I decided I had to take the plunge and go to Wholefoods.

Swordfish and tapenade on toast

I’ve only been twice before, it’s a bit of a crazy place. Insanely expensive and the staff stop stacking the shelves to ask how you are if you show the slightest signs of hesitation, which I find a bit creepy. I managed to avoid most of the super pricey items (£5 for taramasalata!) be came home with tempeh, seitan, smoked tofu and loads of posh snacky things like lemon and poppyseed white chocolate. Spent a fortune though, I won’t be back in a hurry.

The pic above shows today’s Wholefoods feastage, pretty darned tasty and healthy to boot! Swordfish was strangely cheap so I bought a steak and cooked it on a grillpan alongside some fresh tapenade I bought in a tub and Asda tigerbread toast. Tapenade is basically all my favourite foods mushed together, lovely stuff.

I decided to eat outside in the garden for a change, little realising that wasps are partial to posh nosh too. Between the flying buggers attacking me and a nearby cat sniffing about I only lasted 5 minutes, that’s wussy vegetarians for you.


First big fail

I was on a break! So I gave in. At the breakfast buffet I saw all that meat and before I knew it there I was, back at the table and tucking into the holy trinity of sausage, bacon and black pudding. I didn’t really enjoy it. The rest of the trip I got back on track and felt much better for it. 

Cheese in a pudding! 

Gin cured salmon


I’ve never eaten the veggie options in a posh restaurant before (that would be mental) so was surprised how good they were. Didn’t feel like I was missing out at all, when my husband’s lamb arrived it didn’t look all that. 

I have to admit to being totally jealous of the kiddy burger my 3-year-old had yesterday though. He made me eat all the salad they’d thoughtlessly inserted between meat and bread so I could taste a bit of burger. Man it was good. 

Stay strong.