Today was the greatest…

Tuesdays are not my favourite day of the week. A Tuesday after the Monday after a fortnight’s holiday is even worse, and when you throw in a first pescavegiquarian Tuesday things just get messy.

I work full time and have 2 young kids (3 and 5, both mental) so I’m not exactly blessed with loads of time to mess about with veg in the kitchen. I know my default get-home-at-half-6-get-takeaway-feel-terrible behaviours, so I planned ahead and bought some ready meals for these occasions. Today’s was M&S Smoked Haddock Florentine. It was pretty tasty, though the sauce stayed lava-hot for at least 10 min after it came out of the oven.

Smoked haddock florentine

Note the lack of resemblance to the picture on the packet…

Lunch was a bit less healthy(?), consisting of my first Pot Noodle since the 90s. My god, it was sooooo good…I forgot how amazing those wee sachets of soy sauce were. So much salt! Magic.

  • Breakfast – Pitta bread and 2-days-out-of-date houmous
  • Snacks – 1 packet of salt’n’vinegar baked crisps (horrible) and 1 packet of Mega Monster Munch (bliss)
  • Lunch – 1 Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle (YES)
  • Dinner – 1 M&S Smoked Haddock Florentine and half a packet of past-its-date cherry quinoa salad thing

One nice side effect of this diet has been less worrying about germs…I’m not as fussed about use by dates anymore (what harm can a fusty chickpea really do?) and chopping boards can be merrily reused without having to worry about chicken juice or lamb droppings. I may well end up in A&E now with food poisoning, watch this space!