Getting harder 

I’m not feeling much enthusiasm for this whole veggie thing just now. Maybe it was my first brush with veggie bacon (ew), maybe it’s my time of the month, or maybe it’s the fact I cheated by having the lamb main in a posh restaurant for my husband’s birthday. Whatever it is, I’m no longer convinced I’ll be able to keep this up, despite no more slip-ups since then. 

Smoked tofu salad

I’ve also run out of inspiration on the cooking front, the last few things I’ve made have been a bit rubbish. Who eats tofu in a salad?!? I don’t want to be that person. 

One option I’ve considered is to allow myself one cheat a month. That way my dreams of posh burgers and currywurst wouldn’t hurt as much, and I could still be smug 97% of the time. I think I might try this, but it might just end up with me losing motivation and cheating more and more… 

Or maybe I should just read the Deliciously Ella book I bought rather than letting it sit there gathering dust. 

Post-humous events

In what is possibly the most middle-class predicament I’ve ever found myself in, sainsburys have stopped selling taramasalata. It seems to be to make room for about 20 types of houmous and pointless shite like fava bean dip. How can I live without my favourite protein source? 

Duck! Egg

Today I finally got round to visiting Cafe Strange Brew in Shawlands. It’s a great as everyone says, and cheaper than Tapa (mind you, so are most places). My other half wanted to go to the hot dog place across the road, but I couldn’t bear sitting across from him with a pretend dog while he ate one of my favourite pre-veggie snacks. Anyway, the pic above shows my brunch of a flatbread topped with houmous and fried aubergine with a duck egg and pomegranate seeds. All in all pretty tasty! I’ll defo be back. 

Getting enough protein is becoming easier now that I have peanut butter on toast for breakfast pretty much every day. I haven’t cooked any of the Wholefoods stuff yet, not sure whether to use it like meat or do something different with it yet… 

Hole feuds

Despite being huge and fairly middle class and expensive, our Sainsburys is shite for veggie food. It’s got a couple of Linda McCartney efforts, the usual Quorn bits and bobs and some silken tofu, but that’s it. To broaden my horizons I decided I had to take the plunge and go to Wholefoods.

Swordfish and tapenade on toast

I’ve only been twice before, it’s a bit of a crazy place. Insanely expensive and the staff stop stacking the shelves to ask how you are if you show the slightest signs of hesitation, which I find a bit creepy. I managed to avoid most of the super pricey items (£5 for taramasalata!) be came home with tempeh, seitan, smoked tofu and loads of posh snacky things like lemon and poppyseed white chocolate. Spent a fortune though, I won’t be back in a hurry.

The pic above shows today’s Wholefoods feastage, pretty darned tasty and healthy to boot! Swordfish was strangely cheap so I bought a steak and cooked it on a grillpan alongside some fresh tapenade I bought in a tub and Asda tigerbread toast. Tapenade is basically all my favourite foods mushed together, lovely stuff.

I decided to eat outside in the garden for a change, little realising that wasps are partial to posh nosh too. Between the flying buggers attacking me and a nearby cat sniffing about I only lasted 5 minutes, that’s wussy vegetarians for you.

The colour purple 

Today’s edition of Seitan Calls comes to you from the colour purple. This veggie cooking lark is a doddle! Even when I’m not really trying I manage to make nice stuff, it’s a bit like when I started playing the uke and I could write half-decent tunes as I wasn’t used to the key. 

Puy: you

This looks pretty horrible on the plate but was super tasty (honest). Just boiled Puy lentils in veg buillion and mixed up chopped red onion and aubergine with some garam masala, lime pickle and a bit of oil then roasted in the oven for 20 min. Doddle! 

Putting on the beef

I’m not half piling the weight on since this veggie venture. I’m hungry all the time! Been eating lots of bread and crisps and thought it would be ok as I’m not having animal fats anymore. Turns out it’s not 😦


This creation from the other night didn’t help, but it was tasty! Ravioli with toasted walnuts, broad beans and anchovies – mega yum. Now to find ways to combine yum without getting a huge bum… 

First big fail

I was on a break! So I gave in. At the breakfast buffet I saw all that meat and before I knew it there I was, back at the table and tucking into the holy trinity of sausage, bacon and black pudding. I didn’t really enjoy it. The rest of the trip I got back on track and felt much better for it. 

Cheese in a pudding! 

Gin cured salmon


I’ve never eaten the veggie options in a posh restaurant before (that would be mental) so was surprised how good they were. Didn’t feel like I was missing out at all, when my husband’s lamb arrived it didn’t look all that. 

I have to admit to being totally jealous of the kiddy burger my 3-year-old had yesterday though. He made me eat all the salad they’d thoughtlessly inserted between meat and bread so I could taste a bit of burger. Man it was good. 

Stay strong. 

First test 

I’m on holiday! We arrived at Crieff Hydro today and it’s awesome. The food costs a fortune though and everything I’ve eaten so far has been a bit pish. Considering giving myself a few days off the veggie thing, if I’m going to spend £60-odd quid on a meal I want something a bit better than tomato soup and tomato pasta. 

Having said all that, I kicked it out the park yesterday with this fish and tofu curry. It’s made me much more inventive on the cookery front and given me more incentive so would be a shame to give that up. Just hope I find something better on the menu tomorrow… 

Pizza: the action

I’m in a weird situation just now where I’m no longer quite as excited about being veggie and more like, so what can I eat? I went to the massive Sainsbury’s up the road from us, assuming they’d have a veggie section I’d previously never noticed. Instead they have half an aisle of horrible looking gluten-free dust, while non meat protein is relegated to a shelf of tofu under the tinned tomatoes and a fridge cabinet full of quorn. 

I’m still going though, no meat for 2 whole weeks! And I actually think I might never go back, which is a bit scary. 

Sweetcorn is evil

So this is today’s half-assed pescatarianism. A veg pizza with the sweetcorn painstakingly removed kernel by kernel, then capers, olives and anchovies added. Delish! But seriously guys, please stop adding sweetcorn to pizzas. We’re not children. 

Havin it Largs 

It’s been a weekend full of the bad (good) stuff… Loads of pints, seeing friends and eating shite. Still haven’t wavered though, I remain meat free! 

This despite the temptations of Kurdish Fast Food, I visited on Saturday and got a falafel which, while delicious, wasn’t quite as amazing as their mashi kebab. It was less than half the price though, a steal at £3! 

Just falafs

Today I continued my love of fried broccoli by making broccoli and mushrooms on toast with caraway seeds and fried egg for lunch. Awesome, cheap and healthy (ish). The same couldn’t be said for the rest of today’s eating, we went to Largs and it’s the law that you have to indulge in an ice cream from Nardini’s and an overpriced fish supper. Had a great day out, I love Largs and the kids had a great time trying to sink the Waverley and getting attacked by seagulls. 

Veg! On toast! With egg.

I stocked up on veggie goodness yesterday in Sainsburys, so no takeaways allowed next week. I have to admit they’re not as enticing without all the meat, in fact the food van nearby doesn’t have any veg options – the closest thing I could find was tuna salad. Anybody know where you can actually buy seitan? I came away with tofu and pulses and not much else, I thought they’d have a previously ignored bit full of veggie stuff, but no joy, just hunners of gluten free abominations. 

Cooking with gas

Life is like a box of chocolates. Mostly ok but full of guilt and there are loads of orange-flavoured things that nobody likes (apart from your mum, but we all know she only pretends to like them as she craves the attention STOP IT MUM WE CAN ALL SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING). 

Anyway, I’ve delivered on my promise from yesterday and done some actual cooking. Not only that, but I made up a recipe! Kind of. 

I was planning to make a veg omelette for lunch but then – shock horror – there were no eggs left! This was a total bummer as stupid random food I had wouldn’t really work in anything else… Or so I thought. I had a rare occasion to thank “past me” when I found a packet of bulgar wheat pulse stuff in the cupboard and here’s what I turned it into… 

Keep em quinoa


  • 1 packet of M&S bulgur wheat, spelt and haricot beans
  • Broccoli, chopped up into spears
  • 1 leek, sliced 
  • Half a packet of raw spinach
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 shakes fish sauce
  • 1 tbsp oil


  • Turn the heat up high and fry the leeks till they go a bit black. This is dead tasty but if you don’t fancy it you can just fry them normally if you like. Add the broccoli a bit later and fry that for about 4 min until it’s not crunchy anymore but not burnt either (burnt broccoli sucks). 
  • Cook the bulgar in the microwave while you line a bowl with the spinach. Then when you pour the bulgar wheat over the spinach it wilts a bit and tastes awesome. 
  • Pour the sesame oil and fish sauce over the veg in the pan and give it a good mix around. You could add chilli or garlic or something here if you could be arsed
  • Mix the veg with the ingredients in the bowl, shake over your soy sauce and that’s you done! 

I’ve never written a recipe out before, that was weird. Let me know if anyone cooks it how you get on! I thought it was pretty damn tasty but I was starving so might not be the best judge.